Zero manufactures electric motor is electric manufacture with hand assembly in California and the support of Silicon Valley engineers. Even so, Zero steps much faster towards the future thanks to Zero SR / F. You can buy Zero SR / F on Wheels, Wheels offers Zero bikes UK at an affordable price.

This Electric Motor can charge batteries up to 95{ff9a58f6cf5bce4c10edb3859025d524c1f5eb3aab135e3374b0e1a14396e959} in 1.5 hours and can penetrate a distance of 260 km in one charge. All that tank to the OS (operating system) Cypher III control system.

Updating the machine system can also be done remotely, without come to the garage. They compare the sophistication of this system with Tesla, a famous electric car brand. Via the application, the driver can get a lot of data about the location of the motor, battery status, power, torque, tilt, and energy used.

By using regenerative deceleration can allow braking movement or decrease in speed can harvest electrical energy to be supplied to the battery and increase cruising distance.

Plus, the presence of the latest Z-Force lithium battery with a capacity of 14.4 kWh. This battery can normally be charged within 2-2.5 hours. With the help of a 6 kWh fast-charging device, the charging duration is reduced to only 1.5 hours to fill 95{ff9a58f6cf5bce4c10edb3859025d524c1f5eb3aab135e3374b0e1a14396e959} of the battery capacity.


Also, the OS system can provide up to 10 driving mode options according to the settings that are customized by the driver. In addition to custom modes, there are 4 standard modes namely street, sport, eco and rain.

Other technical specifications, similar to motorized. Trellis frame with geometry like a superbike. There is an upside-down suspension 43 mm in diameter at the front and a 40 mm mono-shock at the stern. Everything can be arranged in a variety of settings. Pirelli Diablo Rosso III radial tires are matched. 320 mm radial dual front disc brakes with 4 piston calipers and 240 mm at the rear, the brand is J-Juan. The overall weight of this motorbike reaches 225 kg.

Zero SR / F is marketed at £ 17,495 with a standard 3kWh charging device. The most luxurious type with a 6kWh rapid charger, digital fly screen, grip warmers, and aluminum bar end costs £ 19,495.