Latest Web Technology Developments in the Year 2017

Over time, the technology is experiencing a fairly rapid development, not least the website technology. In order for the development of web technology the better, a programmer is required to apply the latest technology on what he designed. Thus, users can identify the differences from each website created. Read also: mobile app development company

However, designing a website technology is not an easy matter. Many internal and external challenges have to be passed. Failure was inevitable when programmers want to create the latest web technology.

Brief History Website or Web

Web was first discovered by Sir Timothy John and Tim Berners-Lee in 1991. The main reason for making the website at the time was to facilitate the exchange of information and update the information in the company. So, web services can only be used and accessed by certain companies projects only.

Over time, precisely in 1993, web technology has turned into general consumption. Anyone can access the website without exception. This is the origin of why web technology is evolving, from version 1.0 to version 3.0.

  1. Web Version 1.0

Web version 1.0 is the first website used in WWW (World Wide Web) applications. This first version of the web only allows users to search and browse information available on the web. This means not all information available in the world can be accessed by the public in general.

Web version 1.0 can be said to be very rigid. Because it only exposes information without allowing its users to examine the information truth in depth. Post a bulletin board or notepad at school, here’s another picture of web version 1.0.

  1. Web Version 2.0

Web version 2.0 has improved features. Users who were not allowed to input data to the web are now allowed. In addition, users are also allowed to interact as provided by web technology. So that communication can be done directly on the internet.

Web version 2.0 was spawned by O’Reilly Media in 2003 and became more popular in 2004. Although its version has changed, it does not mean the features and specifications contained therein are significantly changed. However, the change is more directed to the way the programmer to update the platform of a website. So the services offered by www more and more.

The presence of web version 2.0 makes the level of internet usage increased dramatically. You-tube, Blog, MySpace, Friendster, and Flickr are applications that have been successfully introduced thanks to web 2.0 presence. In this version many people who make the internet, especially the web as a land to collect the coffers of dollars. Namely by building of the platform on theirs respective websites for blog services.

  1. Web Version 3.0

Over time, web version 3.0 was also successfully introduced to the public. The presence of web 3.0 success makes the community activity in cyberspace increasing, as you can see now. Many new applications are emerging, many people are creating their own website for business purposes.

To support web version 3.0, updates on computer technology are also done. The goal is that all PCs can benefit from the latest website technology development.

The presence of version 3.0 also makes roaming in cyberspace faster. Plus the presence of 4G or LTE technology as a strong support network. As a result of this web development, everyone around the world can connect easily.

The existences of the latest website technology development of course bring benefits to humans. One is to simplify the job. In order to gain maximum profit, use the development of web technology wisely.