Key roles of a Program Management Professional

To understand what a Program Management Professional (PgMP) is, we must first understand what a program is. A program is a group of related projects that bring about a desired result. If these projects were handled ad-hoc the results would be different. A series of projects managed to achieve maximum objectives define a program.  A program management professional is one who oversees the success of a program. He manages a series of programs to achieve business and strategic objectives.

As project managers advance in their careers, their ability to handle multiple projects increases. Project Management certification too aids here. Managing multiple and related projects helps them to strengthen their grasp on program management. While the merit of project managers cannot be ignored, certified program managers are always in demand. PgMP certification holders have a distinct advantage in promotional and employment opportunities.

How can you get certified as Program Management Professional?

The process takes approximately four weeks to complete. PgMP workshops make the process hassle-free and easy.  The applicants have to pass two set of evaluations as described below:

  • Evaluation 1—Panel Review

The evaluation starts with screening of the application form. A group of certified program managers review the application form. The application form tries to access the professional experience of the applicant. The decision is taken based on the responses provided under Program Management Experience Summaries. The applicant is expected to respond as per his skill set and experience and is evaluated based on that.

  • Evaluation 2—Multiple-Choice Examination

On passing the first evaluation test, the second part of evaluation begins. Here the candidate is judged based on his responses to multiple choice questions. The candidates are tested based on situational and scenario based questions. Like evaluation part 1, candidates are expected to respond based on their professional experience.

Program Management Professional Certification: The Process

A candidate is given a timeframe of 90 days to complete the application once he starts it. An application completeness review of 10 days is carried on after that. The students thereafter have to complete the payment process. Post completion of payment process, they are eligible for appearing for the test. The application then undergoes Evaluation 1: Panel review.

If the application is selected, the audit process begins. The candidate is required to send the audit material within 10 days. Post that, Evaluation 1: Panel review begins. Panel review is in process for approximately 4 weeks. Provided the candidate passes stage 1, he is then eligible for the multiple-choice test. The validity of the test is for one year. A candidate can appear upto three times a year for the test.

The certification cycle begins the day the candidate has passed the exam. He is then presented with the credential. Credential Maintenance goes on for a period of three years. The candidate is required to earn and report 60 professional development units. Post this the credential renewal takes place.