It’s never really a good idea to buy cheap computer hardware because you’re on a tight budget. You’ll end up paying twice more for equipment that will probably be obsolete within the next month or so after you buy it. Worse, they could fail in about 6 months or even less. With this in mind, buying a reasonably priced monitor with excellent specifications is a better idea.

Don’t look at the price tag! That’s the best suggestion you will receive from any smart shopper. It’s not how much you can initially save, but the amount that you’ll be saving in months, or even years, to come. Quality, energy efficiency and durability; these are what you should be after.

Take monitors for example. Are you planning on buying a CRT or TFT monitor? CRT or Cathode Ray Tube monitors are more affordable; however they are bulkier and heavier. They also consume more electricity. A TFT display on the other hand is a more expensive solution but these are compact and lighter, thus space efficient. The TFT or Liquid Crystal Display exhibit sharper and clearer images and is also energy efficient. Honestly, the TFT monitor though initially more expensive, will outlast and outshine CRT monitors. Keep in mind that computer monitors are one of the most important parts of a computer that you should invest in. So when shopping around, look for the monitor you’ll least likely to upgrade. A bigger one perhaps, or one with better resolution. Also consider how long you plan on using the monitor as well as its location and uses in your home.

The more popular brands include Viewsonic, Philips and LG. Amongst the 3 mentioned, Viewsonic is considered by many to be the top manufacturer of LCD Monitors. But this title doesn’t come cheap, thus the price tags on their LCDs.

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