Why Having A Smart Illumination Led Can Make Your Home Experience More Entertaining?

The light bulb is arguably one of the 19th century’s best inventions in the world, changing the way we live our lives and enlightening our homes a lot easier. Skipping forward into the 21st century, you will see an evolution in design and technology that seemed impossible for traditional light bulbs at one point. It looked as though they could not get any better with these advances — that is, before smart lights came along. It is known this very new concept, but what is bright lighting, really?

Smart lighting is a cutting-edge way to light up your house. Smart LED bulbs contain software that connects to an app, smart home assistant, or another intelligent device so that you can automate your home lights remotely, removing the need for traditional wall switches.

How smart lights can make your home more entertaining.

  • Visualize alarms

I use timers and alarms all the time, as someone with a habit of losing track of time. Apart from the four or five that I typically use to wake up every morning (it’s a process, people), I’m also continually setting timers to remind me of when it’s time to leave for an appointment. The timer also reminds me to pull a pizza out of the oven, or any number of other things that I might manage to miss.

This is all fine, but what if I put headphones on and cannot hear the timer’s sound going off? What happens when I walk into another room and totally miss it? It is here that smart lights come in. Most of the major brands have their own channel on the free IFTTT online automation service, which you can use to combine with other services and apps, you can set alight blink or change color if one of your timers goes off. Alarms for the visuals!

  • Wake up smarter

Many need as much help as possible when waking up each morning, as I mentioned earlier. And, would not you know it, smart lights that change color can help. Nearly every intelligent light can let you schedule a regular light change at a specific time of day, so it is a good idea to plan your bedroom lights to automatically turn on in the morning. If your lights can change colors, you can go one step further and code that morning automation to show how much time you have left to snooze.

  • Fade and fall asleep

Speaking of the bedroom, lights that change colors will make it a little more calming when you fall asleep, too. Over about 30 minutes, I am a fan of a good, slow fade-out. First, dialing into a dull orange tone can help imitate a sunset, and in the process, lull you into the slumber of a peaceful night.

Only be sure to check the app before purchasing any specific smart light. Lux led lighting, for example, each offers decent fade controls in their respective apps, but other brands may not.

  • Make film night more magic

In the coming months’ something to watch for: improved connections between color-changing lights and the things we watch on TV. Lux led is leading the charge here with new integrations of “Entertainment,” including live ones that allow you to synchronize color changes with popular PC games.

What is cool about these kinds of integrations is that they learn the position of your lights relative to your screen. That means the coordinated changes in the lighting would also be positional. The effect is especially startling with animated films, most of which usually feature vibrant imagery and palettes of vividly saturated colors.

  • Efficiency in Energy

Smart Lux led bulbs last a lot longer and generate less heat than the original bulbs and therefore use less energy.

  • Connectivity

You can build a whole smart home using your smart lighting system with other connected devices such as cameras, audio equipment, thermostats, or home assistants.

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