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The Digital Take on Transforming Businesses Digital transformation is where all aspects of human society has been associated with modern technology. Digital transformation is only one of the three main steps of accepting digital technologies: digital competence, digital literacy and lastly digital transformation. These steps all have one thing in common, they support digital usage being the best way to transform a domain rather than using traditional methods that have been worn-out and unsustainable. Computers have existed in the business industry for more than 30 years already. In our modern age, even our mobile devices and our current connections are vastly improving so much that they prove that our technology is improving for better business opportunities C-Levels in corporations have been noticing how much digital transformation can shape their businesses better than traditional methods ever could. From what they’ve gathered, without accepting this digital transformation, even the most established of companies may very well be dying or already dead. They have based this from understanding how one of the most well-known companies, Kodak, previously failed to implement the digital transformation to their company by sticking to their traditional methods and gradually losing opportunities. There is always a risk in every business move, but is digital transformation truly enough as a solution?
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Understanding digital transformation is all well and good, but applying it to a business means applying it to all spectrums of a business such as marketing, finances, sales and manufacturing. This would mean that digital transformation should be a gateway for a company to be able to work anywhere and be more productive, efficient and comprehensive as a community within a company.
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There should be no shortcuts into applying digital transformation, it must all be sequential as a step-by-step procedure. And yet, can anyone imagine this change to be approached without affecting the entirety of the business? Without ineffectively compensating for a team members lack of digital knowledge and yet keeping them on the same mindset? For this reason, improving the digital usage of technologies within a business is not the key objective, but rather improving the business with the aid of digital technology through “Business Transformation” rather than only digital transformation. In order for digital transformation to truly work, it does need the business to play its role with good leadership from the upper executives of the company, a healthy mindset of every member, and proper and educational planning from the developing business team.