The Importance of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Social media marketing provides a free outlet for business advertising, promoting new products, announcing sales, and capturing the attention of new customers. It is also a way to engage loyal customers, highlight what the business has to offer, and stand out from the competition. Other related facts indicate social media marketing can increase search engine rankings. Active social media participation across platforms will raise the rankings of businesses. The more pages the business maintains, the more activity effects rankings. A business with several thousands of “likes” on Facebook will be ranked higher than a business with a few hundred “likes”. It may seem superfluous to business owners, but getting customers to bookmark, like, or share a page makes a difference in rankings.

It also increases the likelihood of adding more traffic to the business website, which also increases rankings. It is all connected. Ignoring the popularity of social media, or underestimating the influence of it, can be counter productive to business goals. High rankings are essential because more people are finding businesses, even local ones, by performing searches online than utilizing any other resource. No one is looking through the yellow pages anymore. Very few people are actually watching regular television channels because they are streaming shows in order to avoid commercials. Radio service is mostly satellite because people would rather pay a premium than listen to announcements and commercials on regular radio channels.

Traditional marketing methods are quickly falling by the wayside in favor of digital and social media marketing that is in real-time, changes constantly, and offers fast responses. Classes for certification in digital and social media marketing are offered in business colleges and online. Students can learn at their own pace, or participate in regularly scheduled class times with professional instructors. Social media is expanding with new sites and formats being introduced on a consistent basis. It is an integral part of doing business today. Social media marketing is important to all businesses whether owners like it or not. Explore the time and costs involved in taking a course and compare it to the cost of marketing services by an outside company. The course will be less expensive and take less time than dealing with a company that provides those services.