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Human Resources or commonly referred to as SMD has a very important role for a company. Employees are assets for the company because the success of the company can be achieved because of the presence of competent employees in the company. Good quality performance from employees will have a positive effect on employees and the company itself. Every company that can compete must have quality and competent human resources. But to form employees with good performance, of course, the company must provide a training and development program for every employee in the company.

This training or workshop will be very useful for a company and its employees. By following employee training will increase their knowledge and abilities so that the company can develop and compete with its competitors. Every company will need competent employees to increase the company’s profits. Training is a process that will educate and train every employee in terms of attitude and skills to be able to be responsible with his work. Training becomes one of the effective tools to improve employee capabilities and also company profits.

Employee training is very important for a company to do because providing training to its employees will be able to avoid a very large risk for the company. Work accidents can occur if the company ignores training for employees. In addition, the level of employees who will resign will also increase because employees will feel saturated and not appreciated by the company. Here the company must also know what training is suitable to apply to its employees because each training will also have a different effect on employees. Training must also be done continuously to create quality and professional human resources.

At the end of the training period or workshop usually a company will give a promotional gift company that can be used as a very memorable gift.

Various benefits will be obtained by employees and companies from the training obtained. Here is a summary of the benefits of hr training and development for employees and the company itself.

Here are the benefits of HR training and development for companies:

  • The company will be able to prepare for upcoming challenges.
  • Companies will be able to adapt quickly to technological advances and new tools.
  • The company can compete with its competitors.
  • The company will be able to provide quality products or services so that it will improve the positive image of the company.
  • The company can prepare employees for promotion.
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