Great ways to present gift to that special someone

While now you have picked out the perfect valentines gifts, simply handing it to that special someone is not enough. You have purchased a piece of jewelry and can’t wait to see their expression while opening the gift. While the gift remains oblivious, your anticipation also builds until the moment of delight and surprise.

If you really want to hit it out of something else, you won’t settle by just giving the gift normally. You can have a lot of fun with only the big reveal and also it doesn’t need a lot of effort. Even you’ll also be having the story to tell her every time.

Any normal person can make the reservations for dinner and deliver the beautifully wrapped online gifts over candlelight or desserts. Even the surprise party needs the script once that special guest arrives. But the inspired one can elevate the act of giving and also receiving with the experience itself. Here are some of the suggestions that you may take.

The special delivery person

Your recipient might be already expecting a gift from you on that coming special occasion and also might be thinking that you’ll only give them. This is where you can make the confusion that will lead to surprise. Find someone that the recipient won’t even think would give them any gift. The first choice can be a small child, a neighbor or a delivery man. They don’t need to say anything just needs to say that this is for you. He or she will get blown away while unwrapping the surprise gift.

Fake the packaging

The trick is to show them the sign of disappointment which will later lead to joy and happiness. Start with some empty box like office supplies, cleaning utensils, etc. You’ll get the unexpected reaction obviously as they might not be expecting this. Just gently prompt the person to keep finding the valentines gifts so that it doesn’t wreck the surprise.

Scavenger Hunt

This idea needs a lot of work but can be done in a group during the party. Instead of handing the wrapped gift, present the envelope that contains the first clue in it. You can also tie the clue about the person only and the relationship or also make them fun or challenging. The final clue will reveal the location of your gift so try to make it a tough one.

Unexpected discovery

Instead of just handing over, you can let the giftee stumble on it. Whether it is wrapped or not, just put the gift somewhere where they go daily or usually like the cereal box, briefcase, kitchen, etc. This will work best when the location of the surprise fits the best in a regular routine. Make sure to not hide your online gifts where they may get lost or overlooked or get slipped down under the drain.