Do you have free email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and so on? After registering, you only need to remember one username and password to login. You can change the theme, color, and appearance to suit your preferences or personality. If there are facility upgrades, you can follow the tutorial provided. Easy right? You only need an internet connection to be able to access it anywhere.

Similar to free individual email accounts offered on the internet, the company can get the same convenience, and much more. By paying a small subscription fee, a company can increase its capacity instantly.

Cloud computing is a combination of the use of computing technology and cloud-based development. Many companies are now starting to use these services. An example of a service provider company is Polar Seven. They are experts in the cloud field, especially AWS. For more details, you can visit the website

What are the benefits of cloud computing for the company, and why do you need to switch? Here are some benefits that can be obtained by the company when using cloud computing:

1. Reducing Paper Usage

With the development of the digital world today, and campaigns to reduce paper usage, cloud computing is the best solution. The company can store essential data in large quantities without the need for paper or cardboard folders.

2. Cost Saving

The cost of installing hardware and software, including maintenance, can be high and have an impact on the company. Special software requires a dedicated programmer. If the employee quits, you’ll need to hire a replacement programmer who will not necessarily be as familiar with the system as the system creator. 

Same with maintaining the hardware. If something happens when the hardware is damaged, and your data is still there, then the company will need more to employee someone to get the data back. Therefore Cloud computing is the right choice to save future costs.

3. Can be accessed anywhere

You can access important company data anywhere through the gadgets that you have. The company can determine the level of security allowed for each employee.

4. Better Support System

With cloud computing, everything is handled by the service provider company. The provider usually has a dedicated technical and service team that is always ready to resolve any problems that arise. You do not need to pay them as it is covered in your subscription fee.

5. Up to date

You will get upgrades when a company provides upgrades to the system. All users get it. You only need to learn from the new tutorial provided to use the latest features on offer.

In the business world, Cloud Computing technology is also very helpful for many business activities, especially in terms of an administrative nature. For example, Web-Based HRD Applications that become HRD solutions by carrying out activities such as employee attendance lists, employee data collection, payroll, recruitment, and so forth.

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