Figuring Out Socks

A Guide to Wearing Socks for Men

Always dress the part if you need to be taken seriously. Dressing doesn’t just stop at that nice casual shirt and trouser, a suit, or those expensive shoes. The socks you choose are an important detail in your dressing. Your trousers won’t go all the way to your shoes when you are seated and that should be enough reason to wear good socks. Bad socks will be an embarrassment if you are seated in front of a crowd. No matter how expensive a particular piece of clothing may be, pairing it with poor socks will only decrease your respectability.

Your dress socks should match with your dress shoes. Don’t wear sports socks with dress shoes, it is a no if you would like to look fashionable. With sports socks being heavy and dress shoes sleek, expect the socks to bulge on the ankles making you look goofy. It is advisable that you refrain from wearing white socks with dress shoes. The striking color clash that this pairing will make is easily noticeable. To retain your fashionable look, stick to pairing your dress shoes with dress socks.

Your socks should match the color of your dress and not your shoes. This is the single most broken rule when it comes to choosing socks for men. You need to avoid this kind of pairing since it will only lead to a stark contrast that is embarrassing. Your socks need to match the trousers you are wearing to create that solid line of color. Proper pairing makes you look more fashionable.
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The only place you can wear novelty socks is in your home if you would like people to take you seriously. Donning these socks to work will make you look less serious. They aren’t to be worn even on a date or anywhere else outside your home. In fact, they should be left to kids who feeling inspired wearing socks of the favorite superheroes.
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Don’t even think of wearing sandals with socks. You will end up looking goofy if you attempt to put on socks with a pair of sandals. Shocks with shorts is another no-no. This is one of the worst combinations you can make since your legs will look stumpy. The best way to wear socks with shorts is to find ankle length socks that don’t show over your shoes. Take socks serious just like any other kind of clothing since they do have a direct impact on your overall look. This way, you will avoid instances where you look smart when standing and the opposite when seated.