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Steps You Should Follow To Bail Hay During the winter season, it is wise that you have a large supply of hay for your livestock since it is considered as their staple food. It is great concern that most of the farmers face hardships in the storing of hay. Bailing of hay is considered as the best method when it comes to storing of hay. There is a huge increase in demand for hay causing an increase in drive tractors. Nevertheless, it is not an easy task for an inexperienced farmer.It is wise to take note of the weather conditions during the bailing process. Below is a simple guide of how one can bale hay without any needed experience. It is irrespective to know that the grass in your farm is ready for bailing. Mowing of hay should be done when the grass has reached its peak and not before. After grass has been cut, it is advisable that you ensure that it has cured. Curing depends on some factors including the weather conditions present at that time and the estimated weight of the grass. After the hay has been cut, it should be raked using the hay rake. Primarily, a farmer will end up with either one or two rows of the grass that are folded together. The next step is the attachment of the baler to the tractor. It is also an obligation to the farmer checking whether the belts on the baler are tight as required. The baling twine should be mounted on the tractor. Its purpose is holding the hay together. You should then check the readiness of the windrowed hay to be bailed. No wet clamps should be present in the hay. For hay to be ready for bailing, it should have the crispy texture. The tractor should then proceed down to the row after centering it over the windrow. When hay does not reach the entry chamber, it should be weaved. During the bailing process, it is wise that you keep your eye on the indicator lights.Indicators will help you know when to tie the bale. A bit is also important for the bailing process. It is the place where the bales drop after being made. It is wise to follow the above steps to achieve good results in the end. The process should be repeated continuously around the farm. At times, the baler can get clogged by hay.Anyway, you are not supposed to be anxious as long as your baler entails safety chocks. It goes without saying that the bailing of hay facilitates an easy sale in the market.Always feel comfortable by following those tips.What I Can Teach You About Jobs

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