Difference between Affordable Mobiles and Expensive Phones

What differences exist between affordable and expensive phones? – This is a question that most consumers face when considering which smartphone to purchase, knowing the price range varies, especially for android trending mobile phones. What exactly makes a phone to be highly-priced than the other? The explanations mostly given by the mobile industry are also not easy to understand. We would consider the differences between affordable and mobile phones in broad terms.

  1. Better Processing Power

The main advantage a more expensive phone has is that it has a better CPU, a more powerful processor, and in most cases, more RAM. But what benefits do these give your phone? Having the above qualities means your phone can handle programs and tasks more smoothly and has a faster processing speed. Switching between programs and opening a lot of programs without properly closing them could affect a cheap phone.

A cheap phone is not suitable for everyday life, but if you purchase your phone with the sole aim of sending messages, making and receiving calls, and surf on the internet, then an affordable phone would be good enough.

  1. Better Camera

More expensive phones generally have better cameras. Though this point is easily understood and most times influences the type of phone we purchase, it is not easy to decide if we need a better camera or not. The cameras in most phones are reasonable, and if you check smartphone tests, you will find out that to differentiate between good and bad cameras, certain tests in a typical condition needs to be carried out. Some phones take better pictures when exposed to more visible light, in a dark environment, or have a better digital zoom. How often we find ourselves in this situation determines the characteristics we look for in our phone camera.

  1. Better User Experience

This is where the gap between affordable and expensive phones widens. Cheap phones have a basic version of android, while expensive phones have an enhanced user experience version of android.

This simply means that more applications, options, and phone functions are provided for those with expensive phones. This helps to reduce the number of applications that would need to be installed on your phone after purchase.

This is termed enhanced user experience. This experience and the number of applications available vary across brands, making some phones more expensive than the others. Determining if the added functions are worth the price difference is not easy as you may need to use both the affordable and costly phones but bear in mind that a little difference could have a significant influence when you’re performing your daily tasks.

  1. Support And Accessories

This is another point to take into consideration. Purchasing an affordable phone may present some problems when it requires fixing. Trying to get the spoilt part or a company to assist in the fixing would be difficult. This will be made more accessible if it’s an expensive phone because their spare parts and companies to fix your phone can be easily found.