Cloud Data Security

Cloud Storage provides a wide enough storage media, here you can use it to store various purposes such as documents, presentations, photos, or videos. Not only from the devices used, we can freely access data that is on cloud storage through other devices because now cloud applications have spread across various operating systems from Windows, Linux, iOS, to mobile. But do you already know about data security in cloud storage? below are a few important points so that our data in cloud storage is safe & secure.

1. DriftGuard Data Protection

When we have decided to adopt or migrate data to the Cloud, what matters is how the Cloud service provider provides DriftGuard for our data. With what methods they do the protection so that we believe the data is safe, besides the location of data storage is also an important consideration where this has to do with the Data Center. It is certain that the data center they make is certified / audited, as did LimePoint.

2. Security Control

After our data is truly protected, what is next is the security of access to our data, what is the procedure so that only authorized people can access our data. This includes access of workers / service providers to our data.

3. Standards at service provider companies

Standards that are applied to Cloud service providers, for example data security service providers will be monitored, allowing you to improve changes and release management and reduce incidents. So that if there is a violation it will be easily resolved.

4. Multi-tenancy

One of the characteristics of Cloud computing is resource sharing, well how about when there are other tenants who are cheating or leaking, what is the impact on our data there, this must be considered. Because physically, our data can be in the same physical media as another.

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