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The Dynamics of Astrology

The life of the earth cannot be measured as to how it would ends. How would the earth behaves would tend to be attributed from the interaction of itself to the human beings as their personal protectors. Eventually, life of the earth could be also compare to the lifespan of human beings as the latter is also something which cannot be fathom certainly. In the daily time, people have been thrown by a lot of challenges that may have affected their philosophies and beliefs or as to how they would necessarily understand or fathom the entire universe. Life is indeed a rosary which is fully of mystery since it does not give us any clue about what could possibly happen with our lives days from now so we are just expected to behave with confusion about our ends. Life is just so nonsensical that it does not actually make sense if we forced ourselves to stay happy all the time while the universe is banking and rooting for us to feel madness and frustrations. You started to question everything and even yourself about the reasons why universe kept on doing such erratic things to everyone’s lives. What factors could have really brought these mysteries in life?

Science has already evolved in its mature and puberty stage so it is expected to exercise its knowledgable skills in determining the existence of life without having to depend only to the the hundreds and millions of stars in predicting the future. The science had expressed their sentiments that it could still not get the exact answers to the why question of how the universe could possibly end so the astrology world of pseudoscience is now back on track to further their minds and discoveries of the life’s extinction.

Astrology, considered to be the crown of pseudoscience, emphasized that the point or location where the intergalactic elements such as the milky way and the other starts, could possibly have something to offer us regarding the fate and the future of the beloved universe. Still, many scientists and discovers stand firm with the thought that astrology might really came out from the breadth and shape of science. The astrology concept had started its way down the road from the influence of the ancestors and followers of the Ancient civilization of Babylonia during the nineteenth century BC. As a matter of idea, ancient and great political philosophers Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, had stated that astrology could have been really a part of science whether you like it or not since the old age relies heavenly on their life bed on the positions of galaxy forces as they even use it when interpreting for the initial harvest of their rice, natural disaster premonitions and of course the weather at a daily basis.Horoscopes: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

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