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Fundamental Life Skills Detainees Get While in Prison

A simple definition of an inmate is a person who has been confined in prison surrounding for a specific period of time. This is due to the fact that the person has gone against the laws of a country. He/she can also be referred to as a prisoner or detainee. While in prison, the inmate must follow the rules and policies of a prison. Detainees put on specific type of clothing. They also carry various duties while in prison such as cleaning. Prisoners have set aside visiting hours for the lucky prisoners who have friends and relatives, however, there are those that have none.

Being in prison is not the end of the world. The prison offers various rehabilitation and educational programs. These programs extend basic skills to detainees that are later useful in their life. These programs are offered by government institutions, volunteers, counsellors and various trainers found in prisons. After the prisoners are released, they may encounter a tough life wondering where to start or who to turn to. With the skills they get from prisons, they are able to adapt to the new life. Some of the opportunities they are exposed to are starting and running their businesses, farming activities and employment. In case a prisoner had or wishes to start a family, they can do so and still handle such responsibilities.

Some of the skills acquired during confinement are decision making skills, assertiveness, self-awareness, writing and communication skills. To begin with, decision making is applied in life when making decisions. At a point in life, you may be faced with situations that require tough decision making. On other occasions you may require the intervention of a second party. For example, a dilemma requires you to choose one side and forego the other. Dilemmas of life needs a person to think deeply before coming up with solutions. Decision making skills are imparted to inmates in and outside prison.

Prisoners are also taught how to read, write and communicate while still in prisons. It is possible to find prisoners who have never been to school in their lifetime. Some of them get lucky as they feel proud having come out of prison literate. The prisons sets aside specific days of the week to educate the detainees. Afterwards, they are taken through basic computer knowledge. They acquire knowledge as technology advances. They observe courtesy and politeness as they communicate with phones outside prisons. On the other hand, writing, reading and communications are applied in job sectors.

Finally is self-awareness. Self-awareness skills gives prisoners the knowledge to understand who they are, their worth and what is required of them. What follows is the prisoner to accept his or her past mistakes, accept to change and become a responsible member of the society.
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